Deaf but not Defeated!

Deafness can cost us our self-esteem, motivation or even our lives. We may sometimes take it for granted this amazing sense of Sound that we are gifted with. Beautiful Words can be music to our ears. Sadly for some  who do not have the Sense of Sound, their lives could be a life without ”life”


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Here is a motivational story of my father who lost his hearing at a very early age. His personal life story of struggle and victory may inspire you. Please go to page 27, Father’s name- Ajit Kumar Singh. My inspiration and hero


Homeless but not Hopeless!

Help me in my fundraising initiative for the Homeless. Please visit the Book Section of this website. If the listed books interest you, please buy through the link provided on this website. Amazon donates to my Social cause- SERVE HUMANITY for every book bought from this website.

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