About me

Welcome home,

My name is Khushi and I created this website with a genuine urge to connect with you all and share experiences of my blessed spiritual journey and the fiery awakenings of my daily pursuits. This website is an initial response to honour that urge to ”Share” and over the course of time, I will update the display and presentation of this roller-coaster rides of my miraculous journey so far. As this life-long journey is full of surprises with new co-passengers who act as catalyst for the next big change, everything is always in making including the posts on this website.

I started this journey as a teenager when things I saw around didn’t make much sense. In fact I was constantly looking for meaning in what I saw and what I did. I was always in the “analysing” mode which was my very Natural self. Religion, day to day chores, relationships, friends and family- all these were analysed. I wore my “analysing” coat wanting to be true and to know the meaning behind what was taught and preached. I come from a land of Spirituality where there are more spiritual leaders than the followers and I always asked myself as to why we don’t practise what we preach. I also wanted to know how “others” lived their lives and if culture had a role to play. All this couldn’t just be read in books but experienced first hand which led me to move to a foreign land with an opportunity in mind. From here my ‘real’ spiritual journey began. Observing people helps me understand them and after many years of analysing the life around, I come to learn that we are all the same. I am just another you with same ‘existence’, same colour of blood, same pain and same tears.

I have learnt from each one of you and would like to share it with you all with a sense of gratitude. I welcome you all to browse through and have a look around for yourself to ”read” and sense  any connections in the narration. I also welcome your feedbacks and suggestions with gratitude in advance.

Much love and gratitude.


khushi 09


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