Beyond Personality..

Life force

We wear this Personality every moment to hide who we truly are. We keep looking for external offerings to complete us/ make us happy- Relationships, Jobs, Money, Friends, etc. The trick of mind wins in its pursuit again. As consciousness we are perfect and complete. This is our true spiritual existence- we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. We don’t need another person/ situation to complete us. The ‘feeling’ of love, affection, acceptance, job, sorrow, accomplishment, etc is only for the Personality- which is the result of conditioning. This human experience is only for this earthly existence.

The Life Force is moving inside everything around us- in the trees, flowers, animals, soil, water, human beings. This ‘Life Force’ is consciousness. This is Us as Spiritual beings. Throw away these external temporary possessions and notice what is left. Throw away your fear, apprehensions, plans, attachments, everything. One thing still remains- Our Life Force; the Breath, the Consciousness. We are ‘This’. When the personality loses everything, there is one thing that still remains- our Life Force and it is this that gives Personality some value. Without This, personality is nothing. We are bigger than the limitations of who we think we are- encaged in the Personality- the attachment to this temporary human existence. Embrace the truth of consciousness- who we truly are and be free.


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