Just another play of Maya…


What have we gained to lose! What baggage did we carry when we arrived into this earthly existence and what baggage will we carry when we depart for heavenly abode…. We cry when we lose, we feel depressed at a loss. But a little pondering on sign points like: what did we actually lose, was it ever ”ours” that we claim we lost? The conditioning of our earthly existence doesn’t fail to make us blind towards defining our own selves.

Who is the one who lost and the one who lost, did he ever exist? If he did, in what form? This mass of energy we call human body and the concept of loss/ gain is another form of energy that takes another shape. Nothing stays forever, just like this ”feeling” of loss or gain. In fact, was it an illusion of possession that we now term as ‘loss’?

Maya is spreading it’s smell everywhere and we are so much attached to this earthly existence that we let the play of Maya take control….. The closed eyes ”feeling” the breath of each breath gives us that secret; the secret that many of us wander about in search of.



2 thoughts on “Just another play of Maya…

  1. Loss and gain is a process to keep a man alive it is an opportunity to charge towatds trying to achieve what u think you have lost and to move towards another gain once u have achived one. just a feeling that gives you the motivation to fight . if you want you can perceive it to be a negative energy and we can stop thinking about it but as we say a glass half full or half empty if u decide even this feeling can be converted into a positiv ball of fire…

    • Thanks for sharing your views Mann 🙂
      Read a little more carefully love as it isn’t what you understood 😉 Take care and happy reading.. Khushi

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