No problem: Stop worrying and simply ‘BE’


As human beings we are conditioned to worry; to worry for an upcoming exam, worry about what will happen tomorrow, worry for a job interview, etc. What we forget is that our existence is beyond all this play of ‘Maya’- Illusion. This consciousness is beyond the happening that takes place in front of human eyes. Awareness is here today, it was there yesterday and will be there tomorrow. Pain, anxieties, worries, societal pressures are there due to our identification with the human form. This spiritual existence is forever and while we are here having a human experience, we forget that it is only a temporary existence. This human existence has limitations and it is this boundary and limitations that this existence in human form has many sides of what we perceive as Pain, Sorrow, Joy, Happiness, Pleasure, etc.

Human existence is different from existence in other dimensions. We are simply mysterious beings having a human experience temporarily and while we are here we are challenged by different angles. Remember that it is a challenge because we identify ourselves too much with this human body forgetting that as pure consciousness, we will return to our divine self and change form. Energy cannot be created or destroyed and our existence is an energy mass which will change form when the time will come. One does not need external circumstances to experience happiness or love. We as pure consciousness are Happiness, we are Love. This reincarnation as human form has a purpose and when it is fulfilled, the consciousness changes form. Do not identify yourself with this temporary form for when you do, the limitations take charge and you are kept aloof from the pure Love that you already are. The mind may be playing and the Ego may stop you from this realization for they know that they will lose their power over you. Let your mind play in the background but do not identify. Stop worrying and simply ‘Be’. Find joy in simple daily life of having a family, pet, job for they constitute part of your human experience. Enjoy while you are here, in this human form and when the time is up, you as pure consciousness will take form in some other dimension.


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