The ‘Now’- The joy of ”Being” in the Now


If you are in love, you don’t have to be reminded to remember your lover. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to our ”own” daily lives. We have forgotten to live in the ‘Now’, we have forgotten our own presence both in consciousness and in time. We are full of life but have somehow forgotten to be ‘Alive’. It is always here, always present. The ‘Now’ is here. It is with us all the time. In fact, in our modern day conditioning, we have always made to believe that planning for the future is something that everyone must practise. What we forget to teach ourselves is that the future is made up of many ‘Now’. If the Now is forgotten, how can we enjoy the future planned event. The habit for running to a future time becomes so ingrained, so part of us that the future event that we planned for comes and goes and we just ‘missed’ it.

Planning for the future isn’t not essential. The gurus of ‘Advaita’ or ‘Non-duality’ preach that it is the attachment to the process of planning that lands us into the losing mode where things happen and we almost forgot to completely enjoy it. It comes and goes and we are still planning for the next ‘big’ thing. Our minds become so accustomed to planning that it all happens unconsciously. But the power of ‘Now’ never lets us down because we are ”Here”, ”Now”, enjoying what is here and also not obsessed in planning for the future, just being in the moment which is not just about ‘Time’ but also about ‘Presence’. It is ok for thoughts to arise. We are not trying to escape from them. Let them ‘be’. They will come and go. What comes, goes. Nothing stays forever. They are there to give meaning to our human experience.

There is no escape, nothing to change, to reshape, to resize, to polish. You are already perfect, simply here. Consciousness- the ‘presence’ element of ‘Now’ has no form to be perfect. It is formless, shapeless. It is only a perfect energy. There is nothing to change, to capture, to attain. It is all ‘here’, ‘now’, in our ‘being’. There is no waiting because it is right here. We have only forgotten its existence. It is our own consciousness: the feeling of being alive.

Now is the time to acknowledge that you are ‘Alive’. The moment you acknowledge it, your face will brighten up with a smile. It is the power of ‘Now’, the feeling of simply ‘Being’. This is beautiful, beauty not in form as it is formless. Beauty in the ”Being”. It is not in the capacity of vocabulary to express it. One can only experience it. Just close your eyes and ‘Be’. For a moment, just let your mind take the back seat but try not to force it if it tries to control you. The mind needs more attention and it will try its best to stop this process of ‘Being’. Simply acknowledge it, take a deep breath and enjoy being ‘Alive’, enjoy the ‘Now’. The moment you return back to ‘Beingness’, you smile.


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